In this second episode of our podcast series Thriving Teams – Bitesize Conversations with Jane Porter, Jane unravels the key distinctions of Team Coaching as compared to other team development modalities. This will provide a clear picture on how Team Coaching really stands out as a practice. 
Imagine a Swiss Army knife… ‘the iconic symbol of versatility and resilience’.. with so many different knives combined in one device, which all serve a very specific purpose… You just need to know which is the best one of them all in any given moment to help you. Imagine now all the existent team development modalities (team training, team building, team consulting, team facilitation, team coaching) – each has its own specific purpose and knowing how and when to use each one makes a profound difference. In this episode, Jane so clearly articulates where Team Coaching sits in the team development echelon and whom it serves. This is valuable knowledge in a moment when there isn’t yet a clear understanding of what real team coaching is.
Jane explores the close relationship between Team Facilitation and Team Coaching and where confusion creeps in. This is invaluable knowledge, as it assists teams we want to help understand what would actually serve them best in their current phase of development.

Another element of our conversation is how team building is different and why it provides a beautiful framework to enter into Team Coaching. 
In this podcast you will get to understand who owns the process in team coaching and how this helps release the potential that sits in the collective to unfold in a way that is sustainable.  With clear awareness we can continue our journey and prepare to dive into the next topic, which we’ll unpack in Episode 3…the essentials of how you get started with ateam coach, and what is the team coaching contracting process?
Enjoy our conversation with Jane and please let us know what else you are curious about in team coaching?