Our purpose is to inspire Senior Leaders, Teams and Organisations to Thrive.

Let’s cross the bridge to the Thrive space

Let’s cross the bridge to the Thrive space

My story

Dear Reader, 

Thank you for coming to our page. My name is Elena Hinova and I am the Founder of Thriving Leadership™

I know that you are reading this because you are searching for answers and change, or better yet – inner transformation.

I am here to inspire you and help you, if you would like to cross the bridge to The Thrive Space. This is a journey. Everyone has their own unique journey, and that’s the beauty of it, because it’s YOURS. You have the power to make it yours, because you are in the driver’s seat.

Yet I was unaware of this power ten years ago, when I began my transformational journey.

Latest insights

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Forget about Strategy

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Individual Thriving

through One-on-One Executive Leadership Coaching 

Collective Thriving

through Team Coaching

Organisational Thriving

through Organisational Transformation

From Our Clients

Elena has been providing support to our company during the last year with a focus on  organisational culture, team building, change management and coaching. Her practical expertise is ideally complemented with a thorough understanding of best practice and she is well read within the academic literature/thought leaders. Her expertise in the life science industry has been invaluable in helping our business focus on critical issues and wider dynamics that are specific for our industry. I highly recommend Elena to you.

– Dr Joe Carey, PhD, Managing Director, UK

I have the pleasure of having started a coaching program in the last few months under the guidance of Elena. She has introduced me to, for me, a new concept on how to become self-aware of my personal energy levels and its effects in all aspects of life, personal and professional. I am thankful to her for this. What I enjoy and profit most is Elena’s kind, astute and perseverant manner of guiding me through my thought process when facing challenging situations

– Oswaldo da Costa e Silva, PhD, Managing Director, Switzerland

Elena is a wonderful person to work with – she is caring on a personal and professional level, she is knowledgeable and wants to contribute to her client’s betterment. She is a good listener and quickly identifies areas that need focused attention. Elena is well versed with the tools of a coach and is effectively using those tools. I enjoy working with her and would recommend her as a coach.

– Plamena Entcheva-Dimitrov, PhD, Vice President, USA

I’ve had the pleasure to be coached by Elena during the last months and I just cannot thank her enough for this experience. She’s a bright, caring and open person, an exceptional listener, and was able to guide me to a path to pursue my personal goals and happiness. She was crucial to me to achieve clarity in a period of big changes. I highly recommend Elena to any professional, not only in the life sciences, and I hope to work with her again in the future.

– Celeste Scotti MD, PhD, Medical Director, Switzerland

Crossing The Bridge

The journey from the FOG ZONE to the THRIVE SPACE. 

This is the transformational journey you consciously choose to walk.

You may have already begun and experienced challenges along the way, or you may SEEK CLARITY about what will be your NEXT BIG STEP in life or your career.