Our purpose with Jane Porter is to give a greater understanding of the astonishing practice of team coaching, which is fundamentally different to other team development modalities. This Series will demonstrate the power and the impact when a true team coach partners with a team. Today’s organisational challenges are complex. Team coaching is not just about improvement, it’s about transformational change.

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In this first episode you will learn: 

•      What is a team? Well, because we use that word in organisations so loosely today, this is the first hurdle teams fall at. 

•      What is the shift a working group needs to make to become a real team? 

•      When and why do we need to be a team, and what is the core element of a real team?

•      Learn about the fascinating duality of living in the first, and the second team, which is explained, and is typical for executive teams.

•      This episode is enriched with great examples that will help give you a deeper understanding of the nuanced differences of ‘groups’ vs ‘teams’, and when they need to be which and why.  This realisation can initiate a powerful shift in executive teams’ effectiveness.

•      Learn more as Jane beautifully explains ‘the dance’ in this ongoing journey of teams immersed in a constantly changing internal and external environment, where there is pressure on organisations to perform and deliver, whilst at the same time serving a greater more meaningful purpose.