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Abstract. The article examines the conditions for leadership and team thriving. The goal is to detail and extend a theory of ‘thriving leadership’ based on an analysis of Bulgarian and international research in this field. Leadership theories are analyzed in support of thriving leadership, examining in detail its layers – individual (coaching, communication, leadership, emotions and change), team (leadership as a dynamic phenomenon of group dynamics, global cross-cultural and virtual teams, and the question of meaning and purpose) and organizational (The “Bulgarian dream” and B-Corporations movement). The author’s thrive matrix is presented, explaining the internal conditions for personal leadership thriving.

Keywords: leadership; thriving leadership; leader; intrapersonal transformation; team; organization; sustainability; purpose

JEL codes: M12; M53

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Hinova-McNamee, E. (2022). Preuspyavashtoto liderstvo – realnost ili utopiya? (Thriving leadership – reality or utopia?). Economic Thought Journal, 67(4), 473(in Bulgarian).