I am very excited and honoured to invite leaders and, importantly, those with the potential to be leaders, tojoin our upcoming LeadershipAcademy at New Bulgarian University starting 16 October 2023.

The Leadership Academy has been co-created with Irina Stefanova (my highly qualified partner) to inspire and develop people from diverse fields, through a holistic approach, to become professional leaders with the qualities and skills to sustainably transform their sphere of business at an individual and collective level in today’s complex and rapidly changing environment.

The participants of the Leadership Academy will go through transformational training that will impact both professionally and in life.  In a complex and ever-changing environment, leaders will acquire:

·       high self-awareness of one’s own leadership approach

·       high self-awareness of team behavior and team leadership

·       essential knowledge and skills for sustainable transformationof your business interests

It is critical to consider sustainability from two aspects – sustainability of personal transformation, and sustainability of the business management approach, with care for people, planet and profits, in sync with the holistic approach. 

The Leadership Academy is a dynamic place where you learn by doing. It combines:

·       individual coaching

·       group coaching

·       in-depth independent work (aimed at self-knowledge and building a practically applicable work project)

·       work between peers in small groups (where new skills will be practiced, and building new and meaningful professional connections with like-minded people).

Last, but not least, the program includes two internationally prestigious diagnostic tools that support self-knowledge and self-awareness: Energy Leadership Index AssessmentTM(USA) and BelbinTM Team Roles (UK)

We are looking forward to you joining us and embarkingon the Upturn Journey to Thriving Leadership…. very soon!

Learn more about the Leadership Academy in the post below: