Is the full on hustle around Christmas really needed? What actually is this Festive season inviting us to reflect on? After all, it is not about consumption, but about reflection. I suggest a great gift that inspires reflection and challenges thinking is a book. I recently bought this one just released on the market from Dr. Dan Siegel, called IntraConnected: MWe (Me + We) as the Integration of Self, Identity, and Belonging. It inspired a lot of beautiful thoughts, reaffirmed my intentions for 2023 and helped me gain meaningful insights that will stimulate my coaching practice and charity projects in the year to come.

Randomly opening this precious book on page 157, I read the following:

“Three mental attitudes or mindsets, are needed to help humanity achieve the needed practical steps to reverse climate change: 1) optimism; 2) abundance; 3) regeneration….”

As Dan abbreviates it, these are the OAR aspects of our human minds…with this mindset we can steer our way and live with modern humanity by meaningfully connecting and finding ways to collaborate for good. 

As Dan says “Transforming from a mindset of separateness and comparison to one of connection and collaboration” The best Christmas gift is our human experience of connection – with presence, love and gratitude. Then may we ask “Can Christmas be every day?”