Can a bank be a force for good? Usually we associate banks (at least this was my experience) with cold institutions, that give money to make money. Just this! No soul, no purpose.

This perception was totally changed since I recently become a client of a #BCorp bank in Australia, where I currently live. I can proudly say that this is Bank Australia.

In the last three years I have been changing my consumer habits and have become much more conscious in what I choose to buy, and only when I need it. I have had many inspirations along the way to change how I think about consumerism vs. impact for people and planet. Two of the leaders who inspire me are Luke Faccini and Sarah Perrard. Both of them are beautiful human beings and inspirational leaders who do good and create loads of positive impact in the world.

So having moved recently to the charming and vibrant city of Melbourne with my Australian husband, I began to settle in and look into the market as a consumer. Having a personal debit card with low fees was an essential need. My intention was definitely to open an account in a B Corporation bank. I’m aware that we don’t have such banks in Bulgaria, which is a pity to be honest.

Why did I do this? First and foremost because I felt purpose and values alignment with the creed of Bank Australia. 

I made my research and what I found out about Bank Australia was that they believe in a fair and just society, they create a world where people and the planet thrive, they are a customer-owned bank, meaning that all their customers have a voice and vote on how the bank is run and the issues they take action on. They have a promise for ‘clean money’. What does this mean? Being part of the ‘clean money’ movement, Bank Australia makes only green and sustainable investments, in not-for-profits, clean energy transition, inclusive and communitive housing, and their customers. What they do not invest in is fossil fuels, live animal export, the arms industry, gambling and tobacco.

They use their business as a force for good! It’s not even ‘they’ now, but WE, because I am a proud part-owner in Bank Australia and our 2117-hectare Conservation Reserve outside Horsham in Western Victoria. The reserve is under a conservation covenant with Trust for Nature, making it protected from development forever. Encompassing some 720 hectares of land, the conservation reserve is popular for hiking, camping, and birdwatching. Pretty special, don’t you think?

The best experience I, and my husband, have ever had in a bank was with the immaculate and professional service of Georgia in the Melbourne office. A real advocate of our purpose and values! Serving for GOOD.