Yesterday we took a trip in search of goodness, but what does this actually mean? I have long been inspired to find businesses doing good for people and planet and to learn from them. Why? Because there is a need for systemic change in the way we live & lead, the way we do business, and the way we are showing up as humans and leaders.

The long and winding road in North Bulgaria led us to the beautiful boutique restaurant Dieci, founded by the amazing couple Gianfranco & Anna Chiarini just over two years ago. I must admit that I was flabbergasted that such a classy Master Chef team chose to manifest their dream in a remote village in our small and humble country. Their mission is to bring the first Michelin star restaurant to Bulgaria. 

What is inspirational is the way they create their culinary masterpieces in such a conscious & sustainable way. 

Dieci welcomed us with the warm and smiling Anna & Gianfranco. They are so excited to share their gardens abundant in vegetables and herbs. Facing endless rows of mountains, it’s a simultaneous feast for the tastebuds and eyes.

The old school in the village of Devino has been transformed into the restaurant and a cosy home. We are graciously served a glass of beautiful Bulgarian wine from the region of Melnik as we dive into a meaningful discussion, with Gianfranco’s passion for his business palpable. He explains in detail how they completely utilize each and every piece of food, and even food waste is turned into a later masterpiece, either for decoration or for conservation to be used for the next seasonal menu.

There is so much more to be shared, but it’s best experienced first hand, as there’s nothing quite like it in Bulgaria. Dieci is quite simply, a 10 out of 10 destination.

With gratitude to our mother organization GoodNorth Australia, we are launching the GoodSouth community on 30th of September in Sofia with some conscious and purpose led organisations and people that are transforming their businesses For Good.