Upon completing my team coaching certification in June with Team Coaching Studio , I was reflecting a lot on interconnectedness. Many of the challenges organizations currently face is that individual functional teams can be operating very well,  but it all breaks down due to a lack of collaboration across the whole organization. 

We haven’t been educated enough in business schools that we are all interconnected and healthy organizational functionality resides in interdependence. As my mentor from the TCS Allard De Jong pointed out “we are not living in a linear, Newtonian world where actions cause predictable reactions. We are in fact part of a complex system of environmental, socio-political and economic systems that we are constantly reconfiguring and that is constantly affecting us.”

If we see the organization as a dynamic whole and its teams within as dynamic wholes themselves, we can easily see the complexity the organisational body brings.

Why specifically? As it entails a complex web of relationships, which requires a different leadership model. 

This holistic leadership model addresses all levels – intrapersonal (individual), interpersonal (team and organizational) and environmental (beyond organizations). 

In my research, I named this leadership model ‘thriving leadership’.

What’s needed for organizations  to expand as a dynamic interconnected whole, in order not only to raise collective awareness, but to enable their teams to sustainably thrive? 

It’s team coaching.