Today, December 21st is the start of the astronomical winter in the Northern Hemisphere. As scientists say during the day the sun is going to be the lowest. Welcome to Winter Solstice Day.

 What is this day inviting us to? Winter is the season to slow down, to look within, to reflect on the year that has passed and celebrate the journey of life. 

 When the sun goes lowest it reminds us that we have moments in life when we get to our lowest point, the days are short and we may experience sadness, grief and pain… it is that moment in the cycle of life when we experience the low tide. The reminder that nature is cyclical and seasons change… there is no stagnation in nature. Nature always moves. 

 Winter Solstice is a reminder of the slowly, but surely coming, high tide…consistently but at its own pace. Nature takes its time… with the certainty that spring is coming. Isn’t this a beautiful reminder that thriving is actually the journey? 

 What an invitation to slow down and look within…. Which steps of your own journey are you celebrating today? What are you most proud of? What inner work are you prepared to start or keep doing during this slow, cold and white season? 

And remember… nurture yourself, take your time as nature does…as the joy is in the journey itself. Trust it, and embrace it each and every day. 

Happy Winter Solstice.